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Council 2011/2012

What we do: 
At the beginning of each academic year each class begins their Class Council meetings. Those children that wish to represent their class as the School Council Representative then nominate themselves and Class Council elections are held. Two School Council Reps are then voted for and nominated by their class council. The School Council Reps then attend weekly School Council meetings. As part of their role they take ideas to meetings and then feedback to their Class Councils the events of the School Council meetings.

Times and Venue of School Council meetings:
Mrs Deuchar 6D classroom
Thursday lunchtime each week (date depending)
12.00 prompt

The agenda for each meeting is sent around for staff and Class Councils to list any items they wish to be raised at meetings the week before the School Council meet. 

The minutes of each minute are typed/written by our School Council Secretary - Favour Ajagbe 6D and then shared with Class Councils. 

Chair/Vice Chair & Secretary:
All School Council meetings are chaired by our Chairperson/Vice Chairperson -Liam McVerry  and  Our School Council Secretary is Favour Ajagbe 

Date of our next School Council meeting is:

Thursday 17th May 2012

If you have anything you wish to add to the Agenda then please see your School Council representative. 


The four Year 5 children who are the School Concil reps are also our School Parliament representatives. The children regularly visit Liverpool Town Hall to take part in workshops and debate and discuss topical issues in the Council Chambers with other Lower House Liverpool School Parliament members.  

Our School Parliament members are:
Emmanuel Anum, Emily Hollinshead, Enis Gerxhalija, Paris Roberts

The next Liverpool School Parliament meeting is:
Thursday 24th May 2012 1pm at Liverpool Town Hall.
We are pleased to announce that we have two Junior Lord Mayors who are Emmanuel Anum and Emily Hollinshead.