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Maths Clubs

Darts Club

During the Autumn term, 16 children from year 5 signed up for an after school Maths Dart club. The club assisted the children in developing a number of qualities including team work, the ability to play darts and was extremely helpful withb both developing and securing their knowledge of mental addition and subtraction.

During the Spring term, it was year 6's turn to take part in after school Maths Dart club. The club has been fantastic in developing the children's mental maths skills in preparation for SAT's


KS1 Game Club

During the summer term, the maths buddies will be holding a games club for children in KS1, this club will be held at lunch time. KS2 maths buddies will run the club, they will help with the four operations and be there to play games such as connect four, snakes and ladders, monopoly etc with the children from KS1, as we feel that this will help to develop their mathematical knowledge and understanding.