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Our Curriculum

Curriculum Rationale


At New Park Primary School, we strive to provide a purposeful and empowering curriculum so that children are fully prepared for the next steps on their journey through school and the wider world.


At the heart of our curriculum are the fundamental skills of English and Mathematics, which underpin our ambitious, exciting and vibrant curriculum.


Our curriculum is centered around three main themes which drive and connect the learning for each term across the school. The fundamental aims of our curriculum drivers are to ensure that every child is given the opportunity to develop an understanding of themselves and their place in this world, to know that there are no boundaries to what they can achieve and aspire to become and that the sky is the limit for the possibilities that await them.


We have designed our curriculum to ensure there is a carefully planned programme of enrichment activities and experiences in all subject areas to excite, enthuse and to extend learning beyond the classroom. Each subject is introduced with a thought-provoking key question to spark conversation and to navigate the learning for that topic. Our curriculum is tailored to the needs of all of our children. We celebrate our locality and nurture children’s understanding of the communities of which they are part of. Significant people have been woven through each area of our curriculum. These include people of local, national and international significance. The study of significant individuals brings life to our learning, meaning children are more likely to recall key facts and events.


Curriculum aims:


At New Park Primary, our curriculum aims to:


  • Celebrate our children
  • Provide a broad and balanced education with an emphasis on developing and building upon basic skills
  • Offer an education for all children that is logically planned and sequenced and develops the knowledge and skills required for future learning, the next phase of education and life outside of the school gates
  • Equip children with the spiritual, moral, social and cultural understanding and self-awareness so that they know how to contribute positively to society
  • Contribute effectively to building self-regulating, self-motivated children who consistently demonstrate respect, leadership and resilience when faced with adversity and challenge
  • Provide high quality teaching experiences, which engage, enthuse and motivate children in the classroom and beyond
  • Provide a curriculum that encourages pupils to extend their interests beyond school for example, extra-curricular clubs
  • Monitor and assess progression in attainment and application of skills
  • Ensure our children know what they are learning and WHY and allow time to engage, reflect and review.
  • Encourage and facilitate children in developing the relevant skills in order for them to grow into aspirational, innovative, creative, strategic-thinking individuals who are equipped for life outside of our school gates.