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At New Park, we feel pupils have the right to a rich and exciting experience of learning. We feel that the study of Languages prepares pupils to participate in a rapidly changing world in which work and other activities are increasingly carried out in languages other than English. Language learning provides an opening for children to also explore other cultures. Further to this, understanding and using a modern foreign language also helps to increase a child’s understanding of their own language, and the building blocks which form this. The process of learning a foreign language reinforces fluency and understanding of grammar, syntax and sentence structure.

At New Park, we aim to:

• Ensure every child has the opportunity, throughout Key Stage 2, to study French as a foreign language, learning the basics of an additional language and through this, develop their interest in the culture of other nations and communities.

  • Ensure pupils have access to high-quality teaching and learning opportunities.
  • Ensure pupils have exposure to simple commands including day-to-day French language, in the classroom.
  • Provide language curriculum informed by the National Curriculum and develop the skills of: Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing and Cultural Understanding.



As a school we feel that in order to implement the teaching of a Modern Foreign Language effectively, it must be engaging, interactive and stimulating. Teachers have access to a ‘Language Angels’ which covers all aspects of the MFL curriculum: speaking, listening, reading, writing and cultural understanding, and progresses these skills and knowledge throughout Key Stage 2.  During sessions this time the children are given opportunities to listen and respond to the spoken language; explore patterns of sound; engage in conversations, develop vocabulary and write phrases.


Through our MFL curriculum, the children will become more confident and competent in developing an additional language. Progression through a topic should be evident in the development of key skills and the acquisition of new vocabulary. Evidence is kept of children’s work in books and the children will complete a self-assessment form at the end of each term.

We measure the impact of the curriculum through:

  • Written work
  • Videos of classwork
  • Pupil interviews about their learning
  • Monitoring and moderation against subject-specific skills defined in each year of study;