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At New Park Primary School our aim is to provide children with a dynamic, inclusive music curriculum. We aim to ensure that children:

  • Are taught balanced, diverse music lessons that are informed by national curriculum aims.
  • Are provided with high-quality teaching and learning opportunities. 
  • Are given the opportunity to participate in extra-curricular music activities.
  • Build confidence, positive attitudes and enthusiasm towards all different aspects of music.


We want children to understand that they have the potential to achieve anything they desire, especially when it comes to music! Here at New Park, we want our music curriculum to be inspiring the singers, songwriters and musicians of the future to achieve their full potential. We believe that music is a gateway to supporting the whole child socially, emotionally, morally and culturally. The confidence and positive attitudes we aim to achieve will only come from providing children with a rich, diverse and engaging music curriculum, with high-quality extra-curricular opportunities on offer too.





Children at New Park primary will be engaging in the Charanga scheme of music lessons. Through this scheme, children will receive a comprehensive curriculum that we have tailored to meet the individual needs of New Park primary school. Children will be building and progressing on their music skills as they move through New Park, which will aim to support the whole child and increase enjoyment of musical learning. All children will have the opportunity to play a variety of instruments throughout the year, as well as build on key skills of composition, performance and musical appraisal.




The music curriculum being taught in New Park will show a good progression of skills and knowledge by the time children reach year 6. Children will have been exposed to a wide range of musical genres, styles and instruments and be able to apply skills to other areas of the curriculum. Ultimately, our children will have developed a passion for music and have discovered their own musical preferences.

We will measure the impact of the curriculum through:

  • Videos of classwork.
  • Photographic evidence.
  • Pupil interviews about their learning.
  • Monitoring and moderation against subject-specific skills defined in each year of study.
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