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Collective Worship



At New Park Primary School, we believe that Collective Worship should be inclusive and distinctive in the life of the school and should provide experiences for pupils which are different to the experiences provided in a lesson as part of the curriculum. In order to accomplish this, quality and meaningful Collective Worship sessions take place in many different forms, every day, in every classroom. Daily acts of Collective Worship are meaningful and they positively contribute to the spiritual, moral, social and cultural life of the school and development of the children.


We believe that it is vital for all of our pupils to have time to reflect and be given the opportunity to express themselves, sharing each other’s joys, experiences and challenges, fostering respect and deepening spiritual awareness so that they can understand the world around them and become well-rounded citizens.


We encourage our pupils to ask questions about the world and to reflect on their own beliefs, values and experiences, as well as the feelings, issues and beliefs others may have. It is important for children to see everybody as an individual and enjoy their own worship as one group without being exclusive to any particular faith, however children with a faith commitment are able to worship appropriately whilst those who are uncommitted can experience the act of worship. This level of inclusion is at the heart of every Collective Worship session that takes places at our school.





Our Collective Worship programme has been carefully designed with the diverse needs of our pupils at the heart of everything we do.


Learning opportunities are provided that deepen children’s knowledge about the world and are crafted to ensure that children have time to question and reflect. These opportunities are introduced by a weekly assembly with a planned topic focus. The daily acts of Collective Worship in class are based around this topic.




Impact is measured by ongoing monitoring of children's awareness of the world and the beliefs of others. Through collective worship, we are creating a generation of children who are provided with experiences which inspire them to understand, question and celebrate differences in thoughts and beliefs.