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Visions and Values

Our Mission Statement 


At New Park, our Children are safe, loved and learning.

Visions and Values


All pupils at New Park are expected to:


  • To co-operate with other pupils and adults
  • To listen to instructions and do what they are asked to do the first time they are asked
  • To work hard and allow others to do the same
  • To be polite.  We expect all children to use 'excuse me', 'please', 'thank you' as a minimum and to speak to all teaching and support staff quietly and courteously
  • To take care of property and the environment in and out of school
  • To treat everyone with respect and to show consideration for the needs of others


All staff at New Park are expected to:


  • To form positive relationships with parents so that all pupils can see that key adults in their lives share a common purpose
  • To use rules and sanctions clearly and consistently
  • To create a safe, caring and pleasant environment
  • To provide good role models for children
  • To provide a planned, challenging and relevant curriculum, appropriate to the age and ability of all pupils
  • To raise pupil's self esteem and encourage the development of their full potential 
  • Treat all pupils fairly and with respect regardless of race, gender, religion and ability 


All parents at New Park are expected to:


  • To encourage the development of appropriate social skills
  • To share concerns about children's education, welfare and behaviour with the school
  • To dress pupils in school uniform and to provide appropriate PE kit
  • To support their child in completing their homework, including listening to them read regularly
  • To provide a good role model for pupils
  • To support the Code of Conduct and school's behaviour policy
  • To take an interest in their children's work and celebrate their achievements 
  • To inform teachers of the for all absences on the child's return to school
  • To ensure that children arrive in school on time