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Who's Who


New Park Primary School

Staff List 2023-2024


Head Teacher - Mrs KA Poulson


Assistant Head Teacher  - Mrs H Stacey


Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1


Nursery Teacher - Miss N Chaffe  - Mrs D Martin (maternity cover)


Reception Teacher and Early Years Lead - Miss G Flanagan


Reception Teacher - Mrs E Moorcroft


Year 1 Teacher - Miss G Bainbridge


Year 1 Teacher - Miss H Gillespie


Year 2 Teacher and Phase Lead for Years 1, 2 and 3 - Mr C Stewart


Year 2 Teacher - Miss V Lowther 


Key Stage 2


Year 3 Teacher - Mrs C King


Year 3 Teacher - Mrs S Flaherty


Year 4 Teacher - Miss C Russell


Year 4 Teacher - Mrs E Larsen

Year 5 Teacher - Miss L Duncan


Year 5 Teacher - Miss S Wilson 


Year 6 Teacher and Acting Phase Lead for Years 4,5 and 6 - Miss H Corcoran 


Year 6 Teacher and Acting Assistant Headteacher - Mr I Willis  


SENDCO - Mrs K Backhouse


Pastoral Team


Pastoral Care Manager - Mr R Povey


Creative Arts and Play Therapist - Mrs G Loveday


Mental Health Lead/ Counsellor and Psychotherapist - Mr C Barbour


Finance Team


Chief Finance Officer - Mr A Whittle 


Finance Officer - Mrs G White


Senior Leadership Team - PA


SLT PA - Miss S Mitchell


School Office


Mrs J Shaw


Mrs M Erickson


HLTA's/Learning Support Assistants


Miss J O'Rourke


Miss V Weston


Mrs H McShane


Mrs L Cushion


Mrs H Johnston


Mrs Y Lang


Miss C Walsh - Senior HLTA


Miss J Pugh - Senior HLTA


Miss M Bowden Davies


Mrs R Burghall


Miss P Lang 


Miss J Simpson 


Mrs J Robinson 


Mrs S Sigee


Mrs N Haire


Mrs C Navarro


Miss K Chuda


Miss S Hindley


Miss E Duffy


Miss I Warsame


Mrs D Williams 


Lunchtime Supervisory Team


Miss J Rigby


Mrs V Dunn


Site Manager - Mr D Bennett


Kitchen Staff


Miss L Manning


Mrs L Shaw


Miss K Manning


Miss A O'Toole




Miss L Manning


Miss K Manning


Miss R Manning


Mrs J Sangster


Mrs I Waters