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Science Curriculum

Science Curriculum


Scientific skills are taught in a varied number of ways at New Park Primary School. 

At Foundation Stage, children are given the opportunity to investigate and develop their awareness of the physical world around them. This is carried out through topic work which encourages the children to ask questions which they answer by exploration, discovery and being given the opportunity to talk about their experiences.

In Key Stages 1 and 2, the Science Curriculum is broken down into four main areas.
Sc1 - Scientific Enquiry
Sc2 - Life Processes and Living Things
Sc3 - Materials and their Properties
Sc4 - Physical Processes.

From Reception to Year 6, children will be encouraged to develop their independent skills in being able to;
 - use Scientific knowledge of basic processes for comparing differences and similarites.
 - give simple explanations for changes.
 - develop their own ideas on how to answer a question.
 - use simple texts to find information.
 - to carry out a fair test with support.
 - record results in a variety of ways.
 - suggest improvements to their work.
 - use appropriate Scientific vocabulary
 - predict what will happen next.