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Shoe Share Week

We are collecting old to unwanted shoes this week as part of our Shoe Share campaign.


What is Shoe Share?

ShoeShare is a campaign in partnership with Unicef and Clarks. The campaign collects old or unwanted shoes, which are sent for re-use. For every tonne of shoes collected, a donation is made to Unicef which goes towards education programmes around the world.

More than 59 million children of primary school age are still not in education. This is just under the population of the UK. Clarks are helping Unicef to provide basic resources such as pens and pencils so that children have the right tools to learn, and also support training teachers and work with governments to ensure the quality and standard of education remains high and children are leaving school able to read and write.

The aim of ShoeShare is to reach even more children and improve their access to an education.


Please see our Rights Respecting page on the website to watch our assembly.