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New Park Primary School home page

PTA Information

PTA was relaunched in September 2011 by Mr R Povey.

Members of the PTA

Pat McIntyre
Jackie Williams

Rona Ungi

Events 2012-13
* Back to School Disco
* Bags for school

* MacMillan Cancer bake sale

* New Park New Year Disco
* New Park Easter Disco
* Creme Eggs purchased for whole school
* Kickboxing Grading & Belts paid for by PTA

Events 2011-12
* Welcome Back Disco - Sept
* Harvest Festival Tim & Packet Collection - Assemblies in School by local Church and Hostel
* Bags for School
* Christmas Hamper Raffle
* Christmas Raffles
* Christmas Bingo
* Christmas Discos
* Nursery Discos, Snow Globes and Santa Day
* Nursery Easter Discos with large Easter Egg each for Nursery children
* PTA agreed to by Creme Eggs for whole school at Easter
* Kickboxing - PTA continued to sub half cost of kickboxing suits
* Cash donation to Jubilee Celebration mugs for all children
* Cake Sale
* Bags for School - Summer Term
* End Year Disco July
* Nursery caps gowns presentation