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Phased re-opening of schools update

Dear Parents & Carers, 


Re: Phased re-opening of schools 


Tuesday 9th June 2020


We have been made aware that the most recent reproduction (R) median value for the North West is reported as being 1.01. The Secretary of State has previously made it clear as one of his 5 tests that the R value should be below 1 before it would be safe for schools to open for more children. 


I have contacted the trustees and governing body of New Park Primary School and they have agreed that we will not yet be opening for children in Year 6. Liverpool Local Authority has also indicated to us that they are supportive of schools delaying their wider reopening to children in Year 6.


We will remain open for keyworkers and vulnerable children. However, we will be unable to start increasing our numbers further to include Y6 until we receive further advice or until the rate is once again below 1. We expect to receive advice from Public Health and Liverpool Local Authority as the weeks progress and I will keep you fully informed about when we can re-start our phased re-opening plans, if at all.


No doubt you will have all been preparing your child(ren) for returning to school next week and this decision may affect your ability to work. However, I am sure you will all agree that we must be very careful in this difficult situation and that our number one priority is the health and safety of all of our children, staff and families. 


Kind regards 

Karen Hutchings

Head teacher