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Literacy is evident through all areas of school life. Literacy skills are taught in a variety of ways.

New Park Primary School uses a reading scheme which all children use. Children will be given a story book in Nursery, this book will be for parents to read to their children. 
When children are ready to read they will start on a reading scheme which will build upon their reading skills. This reading book will go home every evening with a reading diary.
Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 have 'Wild About Reading' books. These beautiful books are to share at home with parents.
Reading skills are also taught in class by sharing booksand using ICT resources.

Writing skills are taught in all lessons from Nursery to Year 6. All chidlrern are encouraged to write for a variety of reasons. Even in Nursery and Reception, makimng marks with pencils, paints and other materials are encouraged.
New Park Primary School use a handwriting scheme which encourages joined handwriting at all times.
Every child has a home writing book which encourages all children to write about things they are interested in, they can research world wide issues or record what they have done. 
In class, children are taught many different types of writing such as report writing, instructions, stories and many more. Teachers make lessons interesting by using pictures, stories and films to help with writing ideas.

Speaking and Listening- Drama
Class teachers plan drama in many lessons. Drama is used to introduce a topic or present finished work. New Park Primary School invites many theatre companies to perform to the children. When ever possible, children are taken to see plays.

Communication, Literacy and Language.
When children start in Nursery they will begin Communication, Literacy and Language activities. This enable all children to be able to read and write. Children continue these activities into Year 3 to ensure they are confident in all areas of Literacy.

Every child will have spellings to learn weekly. These spellings are set by the class teacher and every child will have a spelling book.

Target Booklets
Every child uses a target booklet. The aim of these booklets is to build upon the basic skills of Literacy. The targets develop skills in writing and Communication, Literacy and Language