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Who's Who


New Park Primary School

Staff List


Head Teacher - Mrs Karen Hutchings


Deputy Head Teacher - Mrs Kelly-Ann Poulson


Assistant Head Teacher  - Mrs Paula Jones 


SENCO - Mrs Hannah Stacey


Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1


Nursery Teacher - Mrs Emma Simpson


Reception Teacher - Mrs Pam Brooks


Reception Teacher - Miss Claren Owens


Year 1 Teacher - Miss Gina Flanagan


Year 1 Teacher - Mr Paul Howard


Year 2 Teacher - Mrs Laura Gallears


Year 2 Teacher - Miss Lisa Lyson


Year 2 Teacher - Mrs Michelle Barton


Year 2 Teacher - Miss Hannah Corcoran


Key Stage 2


Year 3 Teacher - Mrs Hannah Stacey


Year 3 Teacher - Miss Emma Hinawski


Year 4 Teacher - Mrs Jayne Ellis


Year 4 Teacher - Miss Samantha Keegan

Year 5 Teacher - Miss Emma Sturdy 


Year 5 Teacher - Miss Rebecca Hewitt


Year 6 Teacher - Mrs Adela Pritchard


Year 6 Teacher - Mrs Katie Haake


Year 6 Set Teacher - Mr Ian Willis 


Pastoral Team


Pastoral Care Manager - Mr Rob Povey


Behaviour Support Manager - Mr Simon Backhouse


Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist - Mrs Elizabeth Rene


Mentor - Miss Gema Loveday


Early Years Mentor - Mrs Lynn Collins


SEND Liaison - Mrs Kelly Carey


EAL Manager - Mr Fikrim Haxhifazliu


EAL Support Worker - Mrs Agata Piorkowska


Business Support Team


School Business Manager - Mrs Jeanette Murphy


Leadership Support Co-ordinator - Mrs Colette Barlow


Senior Leadership Team - PA


SLT PA - Miss Sara Mitchell


School Office


Mrs Jenny Shaw


Mrs Gillian White


Mrs Maxine Erickson


Good to be Good - Behaviour Modification Programme


Good to be Good Manager - Miss Michelle Bowden Davies


Deputy Good to be Good Manager - Mr Chris Barbour


Mr Gareth Chapman 


Miss Sarah Darcy


Learning Support Assistants


Miss Jade O'Rourke


Miss Vickkie Weston


Miss Amy Maloney


Miss Rachael Roberts


Mrs Hayley McShane


Mrs Terri Roberts


Mrs Lyn Cushion


Mrs Hayley Johnston


Miss Aimee Yates 


Mrs Yvonne Lang


Mrs Pam Day


Mrs Paula Hollis


Mrs Margi Bowden Davies


Miss Carla Bilsborrow


Mrs Paula Duffy


Miss Sarah Fenlon


Mrs Pauline Smith


Miss Carol Walsh


Miss Julia Coyne


Miss Jayne Pugh - Learning Support Manager


Miss Maria Bowden Davies


Mrs Michelle Griffiths


Mrs Kerry Ann Crowe


Miss Kellie Hutton


Mrs Julie Robinson 


Mrs Tracey Forrester 


Lunchtime Supervisory Team


Mrs Pauline Smith


Miss Jenny Rigby


Mrs Gill Challis



Caretakers - Mr Darren Bennett


Kitchen Staff


Mrs Emma Harris


Miss Lynn Manning


Mrs Margaret Clements


Mrs Lesley Shaw


Miss Kayleigh Manning


Miss Rebecca Manning




Miss Lynn Manning


Miss Chris Johnson


Miss Kayleigh Manning


Miss Rebecca Manning


Mrs Julie Sangster


Mrs Irene Waters


Mrs Lesley Shaw