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Liverpool Counts Quality Mark

The Liverpool Counts Quality Mark was set up by the Liverpool Learning Partnership in response to the identification of maths as an issue in school settings across the city. The aim of the programme is to raise standards in maths by changing attitudes and perceptions towards maths, and promoting the importance of maths as a life skill.


The Liverpool Counts Quality Mark aims to:

  • Raise standards with enjoyment of maths being at the heart of all activities.
  • Challenge and change perceptions/attitudes towards maths
  • Make maths relevant by making contexts real life
  • Promote the use of technology in maths
  • Involve parents, local businesses and cultural communities
  • Create a sustainable legacy of a love of numbers.


As a part of the award and our drive and commitment to raising both standards and the enjoyment of mathematics, we will be holding events throughout the school year to help everyone to have fun and improve their mathematics skills.

Maths at the Movies


On Wednesday 11th October, we held a Maths at the Movies morning. Throughout the morning, the children spent time watching a film chosen for them and participating in a number of maths activities related to that film. 

Across school we covered the following films:

Nursery: Old McDonald had a farm

Reception: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Year 1: The Lego Movie

Year 2: Madagascar & 101 Dalmatians

Year 3: Over the Hedge

Year 4: Wall-e 

Year 5: Alice in Wonderland

Year 6: Matilda & National Treasure

Maths Family Mornings


As we are committed to ensuring that Maths is enjoyed by all members of our school community, we are running a number of sessions, during which you can come in to school and enjoy some maths games and problem solving opportunities with the children.

Dates for these are as follows:

Year 1: Thursday 2nd November

Year 3: Friday 3rd November

Year 4: Friday 10th November

Year 5: Friday 17th November

Year 6: Friday 8th December

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