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Year 5 - Mrs Larsen: Class Page for Work and Activities

Hello 5L!


This is your class page where you can find some different activities and ways to help you with your home learning. On here are some fun resources and websites that you could use to help you learn at home. You already have your printed packs too and two fun projects (Space and America) that you could be getting on with.


However, although you have had lots of work given to you and more can be found on here, I just want to remind you that the main thing you should be doing with your time away from school, is focusing on staying safe and being HAPPY! blush


If you need any help with any of your work or want some more fun ideas to keep you busy, just get in touch with me. You can find me on Twitter, with my username @Mrs_Larsen_


I am so excited to hear all about what you have been getting up to whilst you've been off school and I can't wait to see all of your smiley faces again! laugh  Remember to stay safe and keep smiling!


Mrs Larsen heart xxx




In your packs, you have some reading comprehensions that you can do. As I always tell you though, to be a good reader, you should read as much as and as often as you can! 

Here are some websites where you can also find some online books that you can read and listen to:

Click on 'Elevenses with the World of David Williams' to listen to a story (new one every day at 11am).

Click on 'Activities' for lots of fun and free activities you can download.

Lots of free books to read!

There are free books that you can read/listen to, as well as fun actives, polls and videos! 



If you want to work on your amazing comprehension skills, you could ask someone in your house to ask you some of the questions below, when you're reading/have read a book; or you could even quiz yourself.





Just like reading, you also have lots of maths work in your packs that you can do. As well as completing the work in your packs, you can also practise your times tables daily! I will be so impressed if you can recall even more timetables and do it even quicker when we go back to school. If you want to find more maths work online, have a look at the following websites: 

You have all used this website in Y4. We can now use it again and I have made new logins for you all. For your new login, please contact myself, Miss Mitchell or Mr Povey on Twitter and we will send it to you.

There are lessons that you can watch and activities for you to do too!

Here you can watch maths lessons and pretend you're at school! Also, if you click on 'Free Resources' at the top, there's lots of fun games and ideas that you can use too. 






There are lots of different things you can do to practise your writing. In your packs, you have some SPAG activities and can practise spellings too.  You are all fantastic story writers and I would love to read some stories that you have written at home, when we go back to school. When writing your stories, remember to try and use features that we put in our success criteria, such as:


Correct punctuation 


Conjunctions e.g. although, however, while, consequently, also, therefore. 

Fronted Adverbials

Expanded Noun Phrases e.g. A frost-bitten, ornate lamppost with a flickering, glowing candle perched inside.

Relative Clauses e.g. The melody, which is peaceful and calming, brings back fond memories.

Modal verbs e.g. could, would, should, might, may, ought.

Colon to introduce a list



Here are some websites to help you:

You can find lots of pictures on here to inspire your stories!

Here you'll find tonnes of images and videos to inspire your writing!

You can watch and follow Jane Considine as she does online sentence stacking lessons each day, just like our English lessons in school! 






In your packs, you were given two projects. A Science one (Space) and a Geography one (America). As well as this, you can also go on the Purple Mash website, which you have all used before, and find lots of different activities on there about a range of topics. 


Here are some useful websites:

If you have forgotten your login, please get in touch with myself, Miss Mitchell or Mr Povey on Twitter and we will give you your login.

There are lots of different videos, activities and information about all different subjects and topics!

This website will give you tonnes of information about lots of different topics. Maybe if you finish both of your projects, you could make your own one up using information from this website, on a topic that interests you! 

Useful Resources/Logins