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Year 4 - Miss Keegan: Class Page for Work and Activities

Hello 4K!heart


I hope you are all enjoying your time at home! I know this is such a confusing time for everybody and I would like each and every one of you to know how proud I am of how you are handling all of this and you should be very proud of yourselves!


Your hard work this year so far has been amazing and I know you will all continue to work hard until we are back together in our lovely classroom again. However, I don’t want anybody to worry (including parentssmiley), about completing your work as, like I always say, learning comes in all shapes and sizes and right now it is also very important to spend precious time with our families and enjoy making memories together!


I would love to see what you are all getting up to during this time so please keep tagging our class page on twitter @misskeeganNP. You can also use this page to get in touch with me if you would like any help with any of your work!


I am missing you all lots and can't wait to see all of your smiley faces soon!

Stay safe, have fun and continue to shine!

Miss Keeganheart




I know how much you all love reading and listening to David Walliams’ stories and I thought you would all like to know that every day at 11am, you can listen to a story by clicking on 'Elevenses with the World of David Williams'. You can also click on 'Activities' for lots of fun and free activities to download!


The pages I have included below also have free books to read/listen to and even some fun activities and videos to watch!




As well as completing the work in your packs, you can also practise your times tables using .

I have created new logins for all of you as this is a website you are all familiar with and it is such a fun way to practise!


For your new logins, please contact myself, Miss Mitchell or Mr Povey via Twitter and we will send it to you.smiley


There are also some fantastic lessons to watch and activities for you to complete on the websites below. Each video explains a concept and has activities to go with it. I know how much you all love a challenge! 


You can also watch maths lessons on this website and explore their free resources and games too!




Writing is a creative activity and you know how much I love reading all of your stories! I would love nothing more than for you to write stories at home to share with me when we get back to school! We could even create one huge class book full of our wonderful stories!


When writing your stories, remember to try and include the features that we use in our story writing lessons, such as:

  • Correct punctuation 
  • Paragraphs
  • Conjunctions e.g. although, however, while, consequently,
  • Fronted Adverbials 
  • Expanded Noun Phrases e.g. A derelict, old country house with boarded and broken windows. An enormous, menacing pirate ship on the still, calm ocean.
  • Speech – inverted commas
  • Prepositions
  • Adjectives


If you are looking for some inspiration when writing your stories, you can find lots of images and videos on the websites below:


Continuing to practise your spellings and complete your SPaG activities will also improve your writing too!


You can also watch and follow Jane Considine as she teaches online sentence stacking lessons each day using this link: These lessons are just like our English lessons at school! laugh




I am looking forward to seeing your topic projects from your work packs. I was so impressed with the effort you all put into your Ancient Egypt projects that I cannot wait to see your next ones!


Purple Mash is also a favourite in our class! If you follow the link below you can access a sea of fun activities for lots of different topics!  


If anybody has forgotten their login to Purple Mash, please get in touch with myself, Miss Mitchell or Mr Povey via Twitter and we will send it to you.smiley


There are also lots of other websites you might want to access for different videos, activities and information about many different topics, including:: are also offering premium resources for free at the moment. Twinkl is a very useful website if parents and carers would like to download any worksheets or resources to support learning.


Now Year 4, I know I have set lots of work for you to complete but many of these are just suggestions. I don’t want anybody feeling stressed or worried about how much work you have to do as there is no set amount needed from anybody. I want you to enjoy your work as you all know that you learn much more when you are having fun! Always remember, you can learn in many different ways so you could use this time off school to learn how to cook, how to play a musical instrument, to perhaps learn to speak another language, to learn about nature and lots of other wonderful things. The most important thing is to have fun while you learn! smiley


See you all very soon and I am sending a big, virtual hug to all of you!  


Miss Keeganheart