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Year 3 - Miss Patterson: Class Page for Work and Activities

Hello 3P!

I hope you are all enjoying your time at home, staying safe and having lots of fun!smileyThis is a page where you can find activities to keep yourselves busy during your time off. Please feel free to contact me via my twitter @Miss_Patterson3 if you have any questions or to show off your wonderful work, I would love to see what you are all up to.

I am missing you all and cannot wait to see you very soon! Stay safe and keep in touch.

Miss Patterson heart xxx



I know how much we all love reading in 3P so try to read as much as possible while you are at home. Remember to ask someone at home to ask you some questions on what you have been reading to work on your reading comprehension skills. smiley



While you are off you could practice writing some stories, as I would love to read them when we are back! When writing stories try your hardest to include the features that we use when we are writing in class such as:

  • Correct punctuation
  • Beautiful handwriting
  • Conjunctions e.g. although, however, because, when, before, after
  • Adverbs e.g. then, next, soon, therefore
  • Prepositions e.g. before, after, in, under
  • Fronted Adverbials
  • Speech
  • Paragraphs
  • Some useful websites to help inspire your writing are: - follow Jane Considine’s daily online sentence stacking lessons.




In your home learning packs you will find lots of maths activities. We can also be using our time at home to practice our timetables daily so that we can become even better than we already are!

Some useful websites to find maths activities online are:




In your home learning packs you have been given a project that you can complete and I am very excited to see these. You may also want to use to complete even more activities. There are lots and lots of different topics to choose from on here. If you cannot remember your log in please contact me on twitter and I can get it to you. I have updated purple mash and set a To Do List with lots of fun activities.


Other websites that may be useful are: - BBC Bite Size are now providing daily lessons which include brilliant resources, some of which are printable. - this website has some brilliant interactive resources along with some printable worksheets and home learning packs.