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Year 3



Well it's the Spring term already (doesn't time fly) and we've got lots and lots of new things to tell you.


First let me remind you about all the staff we have! 3E are taught by Mrs Ellis, who is ably assisted by Mrs Lang. Teaching 3T is Mr Trussell, who is helped by Mrs Duffy.


Some Key Dates

Wednesday 21/01/15 - Chester Trip to learn more about Roman life.

Monday 16/02/15 - Friday 20/02/15 - Half-term.


How the Day Goes


First thing in the morning we all go into our main classes and are registered. During this time we might do some reading or a writing exercise to get us warmed up for the day ahead. 


Next, we split into our Literacy or Numeracy sets and work hard in our first lesson before taking a well earned break.


After break, it's back into our sets for more hard work before enjoying a delicious lunch.


In the afternoon, we do a number of different subjects depending on which day it is. These subjects include, Art, History, Geography, DT, Computing, RE, PSHE, Science, Music, French and two sessions of PE, one with our very own PE specialist Miss Beaumont.


What we're learning in the afternoons this term frown


Art - we'll be looking at and designing some Roman Jewellry.

Computing - we're learning all about programming using code to make icons on the screen move where we want them to.

DT - we'll be designing and making our own Roman Mosaics.

Geography - we're learning all about countries of the world and different weather patterns. 

History - we're looking at the Romans and Roman Britain - as you've seen, we've already got a trip lined up for later this month.

French - we're learning about all the numbers, days of the week and how to say dates.

Music - we're learning how to play some Blues on the glockenspiel. 

PE - Miss Beaumont will be looking at gymnastics and we'll also be introducing you to the great game of Handball.

Science - we're learning all about plants; what different parts they are made of, how they grow, what they eat... every thing!

PSHE - we're learning all about what charities are and how they work.

RE - we're looking at religious symbols and their meaning.


Things you need to know




Reading is very important to us here at New Park and as such, every child is given a reading book and a reading record to take home. We would like you all to read to an adult every night for only five minutes. We would then ask if the adult could fill in the reading record with the date, the name of the book, what pages were read and a short comment on how well you read or any words you struggled with. Then make sure your book and record go back in your book bag and you bring them to school every day. The teachers will try to listen to each child read throughout the week but if you don't have your book in, we won't be able to. Once you have finished a book and a teacher has looked at it with you, you will be able to change it for a new one. no




PE is on Tuesdays and Thursdays so please make sure you have your kits in! We find it best if you bring it in on a Monday and leave it in all week because sometimes Mrs Hutchings likes to surprise us with something special on other days. frown




Homework is given out on a Friday and is due in on a Wednesday. Just for doing your homework on time, you can earn yourself a Dojo point. frown However, if it is not brought in by the Thursday, you will have to stay in and do it at break time. wink If you struggle to do your homework at home, you can always come to Breakfast Club where there will always be someone to help you. Also, each week there will be spellings and times-tables to learn and a test on the following Friday.

At the bottom of this page you will find details about this weeks homework, spellings and files and a link to a great website to help you with all your times tables.




Whenever we go on a trip, we will send out a letter with lots of information on about it and a permission slip at the bottom. It's very important that you read this carefully and get the fully completed slip back to your class teacher as quickly as possible, otherwise you might not be able to go.


Now we've already been on one amazing trip to the Celtic Roundhouse in Wrexham, and we've taken lots of pictures from the trip which we want to upload onto this page, but we need the permission slips back. We're also looking to arrange some other trips throughout the year that will tie in to the topics we're learning about in the afternoon.


I think that's all for now. If you have any questions, or would like any more information put on this page, please don't hesitate to contact Mr Trussell or Mrs Ellis.


Here's to an exciting year! frown - Learn Your Times Tables! - Find out about the Celts - More info on the Celts - Find out about the Romans - More about the Romans