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Y2 Hippos Miss Hinawski

Well, what an exciting week were having in 2H!

I was lucky enough to take my fabulous class up to year 2 in September and it was this time last year when we were all in year 1 that we received a special parcel. A cheeky little elf from the North Pole which we aptly named Elfie!! He got up to all sorts of mischief and gave us so many giggles that we were praying for his return this year! At the start of the week our prayers were answered! 

It started on Wednesday morning. When I entered the classroom I noticed something sparkling on the clever clogs table. I had to video it to show the children when they came in....


As I got closer I spotted an envelope in the pot. I decided to wait until the children came in to read it! 

Here is the enclosed letter...


Well you can imagine the reaction. The children wanted to get to work straight away writing these instructions (what a coincidence that we had been learning all about thisπŸ˜‰). 

To carry out this task we decided to use an app called pic collage. Many of you will probably be familiar with this all which simply allows you to make a collage of photos and add text, borders, stamps etc. 

I showed the children how to select a grid. We needed a 3x2 one. We then broke off into groups to go and take some photos of all the places Elfie would need to pass to find our classroom. We added the photos into our grids and then took them back to class to begin adding the important instructions. Jeyahash remembered that we need to add numbers to make sure Elfie doesn't get mixed up. 

Take a look at our finished instructions below













And guess what - they worked! When we got  to school this morning our little visitor had found his way πŸŽ…πŸΌ

Don't forget to leave us some comments & tell us what you liked 

Miss H and 2H x

Hi everyone,


I was so impressed last week with the writing 2H produced based on our Pie Corbett/Alan Peat style immersion in to the story of the gingerbread man. They really did internalise the story and use this to reproduce it with great effort and effect. 


This week we are working on innovating the story and changing the odd thing or two to make it slightly different. We have decided to change the setting to the Arctic which will inevitably change the animals we meet along the way. We will still be able to use the format we now know so well, the repetitive language and journey element of the story to help scaffold our finished stories. 


We kicked off today in our fabulous immersion suite. We transported ourselves to the Arctic (linked to our fire and ice topic) and spent a few moments taking it all in and finding words to describe what we could see, hear and feel.






After a while we begin to type our ideas on the iPad. We did this in an app called wordcloud. You enter a list of words and/or phrases and the app will generate a word cloud from these. You can edit the colours, font, layout etc.


See some of our word clouds below. We are going to use these as word mats for when we write our own versions of the Gingerbread Man. Can't wait to see the finished pieces!!!









2H xx


Hello everyone! Welcome back to school. We  are eager and excited to start Year 2.


Our new topic for Autumn 1 is Chocolate. In History we will be learning about the history of chocolate including how chocolate has changed over the past 150 years. In Geography we will learn about where cocoa beans come from and how they are transported to factories in the UK. In Science we will study everyday materials including how forces can change their shape and how changes in temperature leads to melting and freezing. We will have a go at designing and making our own chocolate biscuits. We are also hoping to visit a local chocolate factory.

In English we will be focussing on Charlie and the Chocolate factory. We will describe settings and characters and have a go at writing our own story based on this text.

In Maths we will be counting in 2's, 3's, 5's, 10's, halves and quarters. We are going to be revisiting place value and addition and subtraction.


As always we would like you to read every night at home. Spellings will be sent home on a Wednesday and a written homework will be sent home on Friday - to be returned on the following Monday. Please continue to practise your 2's, 5's and 10's times tables.


PE will be on a Monday afternoon with Miss Beaumont so full kit is needed in school. Children will also attend a second session of PE throughout the week so this kit must remain in school at all times.


We are looking forward to another successful year and have high hopes for all of you :)


Miss Hinawski, Miss Day and Miss Yallop