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New Park Primary School home page

Reception Monkeys Mrs Brooks

Hello and welcome to our Reception page! 

In Reception RB these are our staff:

Mrs Brooks- Class Teacher

Miss Weston-Teaching Assistant 

Mrs Crowe- Teaching Assistant


In Reception the children have a daily literacy, mathematics and letters and sounds session which focus on developing key language, reading, writing and mathematical skills. We also follow the children's interests through topics and children have daily access to both the indoor and outdoor areas. We support the value of outdoor learning in enriching the children's experiences of the world around them. 

P.E-  This takes place every Thursday.

Homework- This will be given out each Friday.

We also use trips and visits to enhance our topics and areas of interest throughout the year.


We hear the children read regularly and we kindly ask that you bring in your child's book bag every day.

Snack- We kindly ask for £1 per week  to contribute to the children's daily snack and weekly cookery activity.