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Reception Meerkats Miss Mcfarlane

Reception homework 26.2.16 This week we are asking our children to write their own shopping list of favourite foods and complete a selection of number problems 😊 Please see us for copies of homework ❤️

Number problems in maths ❤️

Don't Forget the Bacon in literacy ❤️

Reception News 22/2/16 ❤️ This week we have looked at Don't Forget the Bacon in literacy, number problems in maths and the fabulous Supertato book to begin our topic of food. This book was shared by Magic Miss Marshall

Reception Parents please remember P.E is every Thursday for both classes with Miss Beaumont ❤️

Messy Afternoon Fun 24.2.16 ❤️ Food Topic Spring 2?❤️

Reception Parents- Messy Afternoons coming up on Wednesday 24th February at 2pm for Miss McFarlane's class and Thirsday 25th February at 2pm for Miss Marshall's class ❤️ Hope to see as many of you as possible there! Many thanks for your support.

P.E fun in Reception every Thursday 💚

P.E in Reception is every Thursday- please remember your kits! Thank you 💚

Space Topic Spring 1 🌌🌕✨

Parents please remember our Reception campfire this Thursday 26th November at 9am- looking forward to seeing you there for a fun hour with your child. ✨🍂🔥

Teddy's Birthday Celebrations 🎉🎂 16.11.15

3-D shape week in maths 9/11/15

Diwali Celebrations in Reception w/b 9.11.15

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Children in Need in Reception ❤️

Money in reception maths 💰

Autumn Fun in Reception 🎃🌰🍂

Kensington Library Visit 12.10.15

Solving problems in maths 💟

Oh help! Oh no! It's a Gruffalo! This week's literacy 💜

Outdoor Learning in Reception 😊💚

Cookery Fun with Alex

The Bog Babies came to visit!💙

Maths fun in Reception!🔢