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Please note our new Nursery times as of 2.6.14:

Morning Nursery 8.30-11.30am

Afternoon Nursery 12-3pm

Nursery Trip to Kensington Library- Monday 14th July

The children will have a great time visiting our local library for story time.

Morning Nursery will leave at 9.30 to be back for 11.30.

Afternoon Nursery will leave at 12.30 to be back for 2.30pm.


Welcome to New Park Nursery!

Hi everybody and welcome to the Nursery page. We hope that your child has great fun in our Nursery and really enjoys all of the exciting activities we offer! 

Nursery 1 Staff

Miss McFarlane- Nursery Teacher

Miss O'Rourke- Nursery Nurse

Nursery 2 Staff

Miss Marshall- Nursery 2 Teacher

Miss Flanagan- Early Years Professional

Miss Fenlon-Nursery Nurse



In Nursery we have a wide variety of activities that reflect the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. We continuously promote early reading, language, writing and mathematical development through play activities and shared story times, song and rhyme times. Each week we have a range of creative activities that include letters and sounds play and your child will have a lot of fun developing independence and enjoyment of school.



Please ensure all of your child’s school uniform is labelled with your child’s full name.



Nursery morning sessions begin at 8.30am and end at 11.30am.

Nursery afternoon sessions begin at 12.30pm and end at 3.30pm. We kindly ask you to be prompt in bringing in your child at the start and end of our sessions.

Please drop off and collect your child from the Nursery gate. If you are running late please telephone the school office on 0151 263 4447.


Please let your child’s teacher know if there is someone who must not pick up your child and also if someone different is collecting your child. Otherwise your child will be kept in school until necessary checks are made.



Please be understanding that your child’s time in Nursery is a very hands on experience and your child may at times come home ‘messy’. Every effort however will be made to keep your child’s uniform clean and tidy by wearing aprons.


Every Friday Nursery do PE activities - Please make sure your child has shoes that are easily removed. This is very important to help independence at school.

Each Friday we send home activities for you to complete along with rhymes and poems to support learning and play at home. Nursery 2 children also take home activities to reflect the current sound of the week. We also send out a sharing book each Friday for you and your child to write about their news or anything special or important that is happening in their lives. We will share the children's news in Nursery.

To encourage a love of reading and books, your child can choose a book from our Nursery libraries to take home each day and enjoy sharing with you. Each time your child brings in their library pack they will get a sticker for their library card. When their card is full, they will receive a certificate.

Every term we hold a messy day session. This gives you the opportunity to stay and play with your child and have great fun getting creative!

In Nursery we value parental input so on a weekly basis we will hold stay and play sessions where you will have the opportunity to stay and play with your child enjoying a wide variety of activities. Stay and play sessions will be held on a Friday for 40 minutes at the beginning of the Nursery day. We hope to see you there! 

Morning Nursery Stay and Play- 8.30-9.10

Afternoon Nursery Stay and Play- 12.30-1.10 

We take every opportunity to enrich your childs learning with trips and visitors. We will have lots of exciting trips and visits planned for this year!




Nursery Assembly smileyheart


Please join us for our Nursery 1 assembly on Wednesday 16th July at 9.15 and 1.30.

Please join us for our Nursery 2 assembly on Thursday 17th July at 9.15 and 1.30.

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