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Welcome to Nursery 2's Class Page

Nursery is a place to learn through play activities and have FUN! Nursery 2 is set up into the different learning areas and children are encouraged to become independent learners.The learning takes place inside and outside in the outdoor play area.


Staff Members

The staff members in Nursery 2 are

Mrs Barton, Miss Flanagan and Miss O'Rourke


Nursery Times

Morning Times: 8.30am to 11.30am

Afternoon Times 12.30pm to 3.00pm



Snack money is £1 per week , this helps to pay for the children's daily snack and baking activities.

Last week we visited Underwater Street.  The children and staff had an amazing time! Lots of fun was had by all.

Please see below and our twitter page for photos from our trip - @newparkprimary

Check out Twitter for updates and photos of all the fun activities that take place in Nursery 2.


This week we have listened to the story of Handa`s Hen.Handa had lost her hen and she and her friend tried to find her.We counted all the different animals she met on her journey.


We have also made delicious fruit salad. We cut up lots of different types of fruit such as strawberries, plums,grapes, apples and pears. We sat out in the sunshine and ate them altogether. It was yummy.
The children have also made autumn trees using paper,paint and sequins. They sparkle on the wall.

                                                Dinosaurs  RRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!

This week we have been looking at dinosaurs.We have looked at different types of dinosaurs and sorted dinosaurs into meat eating and plant eating dinosaurs. We have made a dinosaur world full of dinosaurs,trees and rocks. We have also made dinosaur sandwiches( which were delicious) and dinosaur puppets.

This week we have been dinosaur hunters! Harry lost his bucketful of dinosaurs and he asked for our help to find them. We searched inside the hall and outside in the playarea. He was very happy when we phoned to say they had been found.
We also searched in the sand to find dinosaur bones, dinosaur skeletons and dinosaur skulls. When we found them we took photographs of them using the iPads.
This week we made poppies for Remembrance Day. We all stood still for the two minute silence. Our poppies are to be found in the hall.
This week we have been practising our nativity play. Nursery 2 are the cows,donkeys and chickens in the stable. Last week it was Bonfire NIght and we painted and decorated pictures of of fireworks. We also made firework biscuits.
We have made a Celebration display in nursery withour firework pictures,our Mendhi hands and our Rangoli patterns.

On Thursday Nursery and Reception performed their Nativity play Wriggly Nativity for their parents. Everyone looked fantastic in their costumes and had a fab time.

We have put up our Christmas tree and decorated it. We also made candle holders for the mums.


Happy New Year!. We hope everyone had a super Christmas and is looking forward to a fantastic 2015!

This half term we will be looking at Superheroes and Winter. We have capes and masks so we can become our favourite Superhero.Last week we listened to the story of Camilla and the Wishing Wand and we  made Wishing Wands. The children then wrote their wishes. We also made star biscuits. On Friday the outdoor playarea was covered in hailstones and we went out and explored.

This week we are going to look at Winter trees.We will be painting some trees and cover them in' snow' and glitter as well as making tree biscuits.On Monday we watched  the  Chery tree being cut down outside our play area which made us feel sad as we will never see its beautiful blossom again!!!