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N2 Butterflies Mrs Barton

Nursery 2

Welcome to Nursery 2. In Nursery 2 we have an amazing time  and lots of fun!

Please look at our web page and see what exciting things are happening and share our fun!



In Nursery 2 the Nursery teacher is Mrs Barton and the Nursery Nurses are Miss Weston, Mrs Mcshane and Miss Maloney. We are a friendly staff committed to the needs of every child in our setting.


Nursery Times

Our sessions are as follows:


Morning Nursery- 8.30am - 11.30am

Children can be collected from 11.15am


Afternoon Nursery - 12.30pm - 3.30pm

Children can be collected from 3.15pm



Follow Nursery on twitter - @bartonmichelle1


Snack / Cooking

We kindly ask for £1 each Monday for our weekly cooking activity and a healthy snack for the children each day.


Nursery Day

During each session there will be a wide range of exciting activities supported by staff for your child to access. We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum and plan activities to suit everybody's interests.













Please follow us on Twitter and you will see lots of photographs of things we have done. 

This half term we have been very busy in Nursery. We have been planting vegetable seeds in our garden. We have planted pea seeds, pumpkin seeds, tomato plants and sunflowers.We keep looking to see if they have grown.

We have looked signs of spring in our outdoor area and took photographs on our iPads. It was very exciting and fun.We could see the blossoms on the trees and our daffodils and tulips had grown.

We have been very busy baking this half term. We have made lots of different biscuits, cakes and flower sandwiches. Next half term we are going to make bread like the Little Red Hen in our cookery room.

We have looked at the different animals that can be found on the farm.We found out the different places they lived on the farm, what they ate and what they looked like. We have listened to lots of farm stories such as Farmer Duck.

This week we are going on a dinosaur hunt and hatching dinosaur eggs.........very exciting. We are also going to be paleontologists and search for dinosaur bones in the sand.

This half term we have had lots of new children joining the nursery and everyone is settled and happy!

Have a lovely half term holiday and we will see you next term.

We have been very busy in Nursery this half term. We have been in the Immersion room and danced and moved to Animal Boogie. We have been on a jungle animal hunt in the outdoor area because all the animals had escaped. We caught them in nets and put them in our buckets. Harry would have been proud of us!!!!( Harry and the Dinosaurs)

We have also been celebrating Easter. Jax's mum and dad brought in their little baby chicks for us to see. They were soooo cute. One pooped on the carpet! Please don't tell Mrs Hutchings. We also took part in an Easter Egg Hunt with our chick baskets and found lots of eggs. We also made Easter cards.

We have been very busy baking with Mrs Davies and Miss Maloney. We have made lollipop cakes, Easter biscuits and chocolate nests with chocolate eggs.

Today it is the Easter Bonnet Parade and we are going to have lots of fun showing our hats to the rest of the school.

This week has been a very busy week in Nursery. It has been Enterprise Week. Nursery have made dragon puppets to sell on Friday for 50p. They look fab!. I am sure you will agree!

We have also had lots of visitors. The police came in to talk to us and so did an amazing lady boxer  Natasha Jonas. She let us try on her boxing gloves and showed us her medals. It was great fun.

We also had pancakes which were delicious mmmmm to celebrate Shrove Tuesday. 

Later this week we are going to have noodles and prawn crackers to celebrate Chinese New Year!

Have a lovely half term and we will see you all when we come back!

We hope everyone had a lovely Christmas. We have been very busy in Nursery since we came back. We have been looking at Winter and the fairies and knights have arrived in Nursery.We have been painting winter trees and making penguins.We had been  exploring ice and had great fun.We have made winter tree biscuits and decorated them with sprinkles.

In the nursery garden our snowdrops are starting to open so Spring is nearly here. Yippee!!!

We have had a very busy time in Nursery. We all went to Gulliver's World and met Father Christmas. We sang our Nativity songs to our mums and dads. We also had a very lovely party day.

Have a lovely Christmas and a Happy New Year. See you all in January. Remember to be very good for your mums and dads.

Merry Christmas from all the Nursery Staff. See you in the New year.

This week we have been sorting and matching shapes. We have had lots of fun.
We have been celebrating Children in Need this week.

We have been very busy in Nursery 2 this week. We have been in our cookery room and made delicious cakes. They were yummy.

We have found out lots of things about hedgehogs and mad e hedgehogs out of leaves. This week we went into our amazing nursery play area and planted lots and lots of flowers.

This week in Nursery 2 has been a busy week. We had a visit it to our Immersion room and and found ourselves in the middle of a forest with lots of autumn leaves on the floor.

Alex from Sure Start came in and helped us to make delicious soup. Yum,yum!!

In nursery this week we have been decorating biscuits. We have also been talking about autumn. We have looked at the leaves changing colours and made sponge leaf prints.
We have also watched the builders on the steamroller finishing our new outdoor playarea. It is sooo exciting!!
This week we have made Teddy Bear bread faces. We put chocolate spread on to our bread and chopped up bananas to make his eyes and nose. We added currants. At snack time we went outside and ate it. It was delicious. We also made Teddy Bear paper plate faces. What a busy time in Nursery2.
We are looking forward to meeting our new children next week. Here are a few pictures of your new nursery.