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New Park Primary School home page

N2 Butterflies Mrs Barton

Welcome to our Nursery

We hope that your child will really enjoy attending our Nursery. We are a friendly staff committed to the needs of every child at nursery.Our main aim is to ensure your child has great fun at Nursery and a fantastic start to their school life.


NURSERY TIMES– Our session times are as follows:

Morning Nursery– 8.30– 11.30am

Children can be collected from 11.15

Afternoon Nursery– 12.30- 3.30pm

Children can be collected from 3.15

Wraparound Care– 8.30-3.45pm with lunch 11.45-12.45pm—£10 per day

Full Time Wraparound Care– 8.30– 5.30- £18 per day



Prior to your child’s start date, you and your child are very welcome to visit our setting to meet the staff and new friends and have a chance to look at your new Nursery. Please call the school office to arrange a time that suits you.



During each session, there will be a wide range of exciting activities supported by adults for your child to access. There will be a welcome to the day, stories, songs, maths activities and lots of opportunities to develop early language skills. We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum and plan activities to suit everybody’s interests. We play outdoors each day in lots of different weather.



Please label every piece of your child’s clothing so that these can be easily found. We kindly ask that children wear shoes with Velcro to encourage independence whilst at school. Nursery is a very practical place with activities such as painting and gluing so please be understanding about this. We will make every effort to keep your child’s clothing tidy by using aprons. Please ensure your child comes to nursery with an appropriate .



We kindly ask for £1 each Monday for our weekly cooking activity and a healthy snack for the children each day.


Monday your child will be able to choose a book to take home and share with you. This book will need to be returned on Thursday. Please ensure you help your child to take great care of our books.



Your child will have the opportunity to attend Nursery trips throughout the year.



If your child is unwell please call school to let us know. If they are suffering from diarrhoea or vomiting they are not allowed back to nursery until 48 hours has passed from after the last time they have been ill.



If somebody other than yourself will be collecting your child it is extremely important to let us know. Please call school or speak to a staff member at the start of the session. If you are running late, please call the school office on 0151 263 4447.



Mrs Barton– Nursery Teacher/ Early Years Leader

Miss O’Rourke– Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Miss Roberts– Nursery Nurse

Mrs Roberts– TA

Mrs Davies– TA



We all really look forward to meeting you and your child and making you feel very welcome.



Summer Term

In nursery this term our topic is Planting a Rainbow and Aaaaargh Spiders.We will be looking at Spring and planting seeds, flowers and bulbs. We will be finding out how our plants and flowers grow. We will be adding new flowers and plants to our garden. We will be listening to lots of stories about plants and flowers ie The Tiny Seed. We will be painting, drawing and baking this term. In P.E we will be using the apparatus in the hall which will be great fun.

After half term we will be looking at mimibeasts. We will be going on a minibeast hunt and listening to stories about bees, butterflies, caterpillars and spiders. We will be finding out lots of information about these very different creatures.In