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N1 Monkeys Miss Marshall

Welcome To The Nursery 1 Page!


Hello! On this page you will find information and updates from Nursery 1. The page will be updated regularly so that you can see what your little one is up to. We hope you enjoy it!

Love Miss Marshall and Mrs McShane


Class Teacher: Miss Marshall

Nursery Nurse: Mrs McShane


Nursery times

AM Session: 8.30-11.30 (pick up between 11.15 and 11.30)

PM Session: 12.30-3.30 (Pick up between 3.15 and 3.30)



We kindly ask for £1 each week for our weekly cooking activity and a healthy snack for children each day. The snack money really helps us to offer fantastic learning opportunities so we thank you in advance for this.



Please ensure your child's clothes are clearly labelled, especially jumpers, cardigans and coats. Items of clothing can easily be misplaced by children and so this avoids any items becoming lost.



If your child is unwell please inform the school and your child is to remain at home until they are well. If your child experiences symptoms of vomiting or diarrhoea we kindly ask that they remain absent from school until 48 hours after their last episode of these symptoms.  This is to avoid the spread of bugs in school. Thank you for your cooperation.  

In The Jungle


We have loved looking at animals recently and so the jungle has become our theme! We read a fantastic story called 'The Animal Bop Just Won't Stop' where we moved around like the animals in the story. We loved it!

For our food activitiy we made monkey biscuits using icing and decorations! (Yum!)


We used our magic room to explore some of the animals we had seen and then listened to our story again guessing which animals were appearing in the story next!



We decided to draw our favourite animals on BIG paper, looking at the pictures of the animals to help us to remember what they looked like. Our work was fantastic!!!



And last but not least, one of the highlights of our week has been the opening of our AMAZING outdoor area! We have been exploring our toys and the space we have outside and we love it.



What a fantastic start to Nursery!

Welcome to all of the children who have started Nursery 1 over the last couple of weeks. The children have settled into our nursery extremely well and I love the smiles we see each day!

We have already done so much and had lots of fun along the way. Last week we were lucky enough to take part in a cookery session with Alex from Kensington Children's Centre. We learnt lots about healthy foods and we even chopped some vegetables to make a delicious vegetable soup.

We have taken part in lots of creative activities in class, exploring paint, glue and collaging!

And we have been exploring the indoor and outdoor areas of our new class!


You can see how much we are learning already, not to mention the fun we are having. I can't wait to meet more children in the upcoming weeks!